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There is a big demand for gardeners and landscapers in urban areas of India, Most of the rich people like to have their surroundings green, but there is an acute shortage of the right kind of trained and qualified gardeners all over India.

Despite so many agricultural universities, horticultural training centers, institutes we are unable to have good and professional gardeners.

These institutions provide training on various agricultural and horticultural crops; they do not provide complete training on ornamental and hobby gardening. This training can only be provided by hands-on working and practical experience.

Safal Jivan Institute has designed a career-oriented One Year Course in Green Mall Campus. Green Mall is one of the largest garden centers with one of the finest nurseries in India, spread over an area of 100 Bighas. The course has been designed by Sri Dinesh Rawat, founder of Green Mall.

A. well-known environmentalist and expert in greening and landscaping.

Your Mentor, Sri Dinesh Rawat, is an expert horticulturist who has practical experience with most of the plants used in India. He has authored many books and received many awards and accolades. He is the founder of the “Green Mall,” the largest and the best Garden Center in India. Presently he is the President of the Indian Nurserymen Association (Eastern India) and Vice-President of the All India Nurserymen association. He is on the advisory committee of the Indian Botanical garden and several International organizations. He has traveled to over sixty countries and has taken training in palms, gardening, landscaping in the USA, Australia, Thailand, and Sri Lanka.

About Safal Jivan Institution

Safal Jivan Institute was established in 2015 by Sri dinesh Rawat to impart knowledge and art of home gardening, landscaping and nursery business.

The Institute's campus is spread over 12 acres and is located in the South 24 Parganas district of West Bengal. The Institute has a hostel facility for 50 students. 90% of the classes are on the ground, and students get hands-on training on gardening and landscaping. Successful students are provided an employment guarantee by the Institute. After the emergence of COVID in 2020 and Lockdowns, the necessity of online training was strongly felt by all. With hard work of one year in this direction, a team led by Green-guru Dinesh Rawat crafted coursed on various areas of gardening, landscaping, and nursery business. The live video training is lucid and even better than on-ground training. Now students can learn even the finer aspects without stepping out of the house.

It is a blessing for those who want to build a rewarding career.

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