Learn Gardening!  A  Beneficial & Rewarding  Life-skill

Humanity is Battling with Global Warming & Corona.  Gardening is the Answer!

  • * Combat desertification, which is taking in the name of development. 
  • * Encourage city dwellers to improve the home atmosphere by planting beneficial and air-purifying plants. 
  • * Encourage Governments, commercial and non-commercial establishments to go for beautification with a green cover 
  • * Create job opportunities for young entrepreneurs in garden maintenance and landscaping. Create business opportunities in the field of plant nurseries.


Our home is a sanctuary for the entire family. A small home garden helps us generate more oxygen and absorbs harmful toxins. How can we ignore such an important aspect and lose the great opportunity?


A tremendous scope is there for employment generation in the field of gardening. Increasing pollution levels and deteriorating health of city dwellers have created a massive demand for gardeners.


Large organizations must allocate one-third of their land for greening. There is a massive shortage of skilled landscapers, and a great opportunity exists in this field.


With the awareness toward greening and tree planting, demand for plants is growing multifold. Those who have unutilized land can start a plant nursery business.

Are we not destroying Nature in the name of development?

All the activities of Consumerism, urbanization, Industrialisation, Automobiles, Civil aviation, Shipping, transportation are damaging Nature. The activities in the area of greening and gardening are healing Nature. Be proud to be a part of the solution.


" I have attended the 5 days course on home gardening. It was a wonderful experience. A walk through around the GREEN MALL was remarkable. There’s everything available at one place and I feel that place is real heaven. Your style of training is amazing and I feel the real visit in the GREEN MALL. "

Kartar Singh
Participant of previous 5 Day Course

" I am Doctor (Mrs.) Shashi Chawla from Jamshedpur (Bihar), attended your 5 days course on home gardening management. Since I am retired, I wanted to make gardening my hobby. I want to develop more. I have a small garden. Your Talks were excellent really practical. I really broadened I rang on. Got a good idea of soil preparation for indoor and outdoor plants and their needs. Good knowledge of plants growing and bonsai growing. Some ideas about organic nutrition and pesticides. God bless you Yours affectionately. "

Dr. Shashi Chawla
Participant of previous 5 Day Course

" First of all, I would like to thank you to conduct such a workshop on a topic which makes people aware of how can we make our surroundings greener. Secondly, the sessions conducted were very good and informative. Every session was different from each other and was equally important. Dinesh Rawat sir was patient as well as very cooperative with our questions. He told us about the causes which lead to the death of our plants and also explained some solutions to these causes. He explained about the soils and the soil mix and how can we plant our plants in different soils accordingly. He also explained about insecticides, fungicides and how can we spray them with their proper doses. Last day, he gave us information about the tools of gardening and pots which we can use for our gardens. So, thank you for these lessons. "

Yakshi Agrawal
Participant of Previous 5 Day Course

" Online 5 days professional course conducted by a most successful man by Mr. Dinesh Rawat. Extremely useful for those who are looking to build their career as a gardener. They can enroll in this course. I have completed five days gardening course from this institute of gardening. On the first day: I started learning the benefits of gardening, different categories of plants. Second day: About air purifying plants, Vaastu feng shui plants, and lucky plants. Third day: all types of soils, good soil mix, and plant nutrients. How to apply fertilizers and antifungals on plants. Full audiovisual interactive online course, live practical course from best Garden Green Mall in India. The fourth day: Transferring of plants, ornamental flowers, trimming and pruning, seed sowing method, etc. Fifth day: Rooftop and terrace garden, flowers and perennial plants are shown by Mr. Dinesh Rawat who is a successful Gardner Vaastu Consultant And known as the green miracle man of India he introduced many species of palms in India, he guided and help me very well about gardening. "

Arun Kumar Jhanjhote
Participant of previous 5 Day Course

" माननीय श्री दिनेश रावत जी ने तारीख 10अप्रैल से14 अप्रैल प्रतिदिन तक' गार्डनिंग'का एक अभ्यासवर्ग आयोजित(ट्रेनिंग)क्लास किया था इसमे में भी सहभागी थी ! श्री रावत जी ने बहुत सुचारू रूप से बगबाग़ीचा फूलो के बारे में मालूमात करवाए! जो अभ्यासक गार्डनिंग के बारे में नए थे इनके बारे में पूर्ण मूलभूत जानकारी दी ! जैसे कि कोई भी प्लांट को रोपण करने के लिए वह कैसे चुने, इनके लिए मिट्टी कैसी हो, प्लांट टेंशन कैसे करे, इसको खाना पीना दवाई पानी कैसे करे, इनको सुंदर रूप कैसे दे, सभी का प्रत्यशिक दिया! और बगीचे में प्लानिंग कैसे करे, छोटे बड़े-दूप छाव के प्लांट्स कंहा कैसे लगाए, प्लांट्स के साथ प्रेक्टिकल हुआ! हैंगिंग भास्केट्स बोनसाई अंडरस्कोपिङ्ग सभी का अभ्यासपूर्ण प्रेक्टिकल करके जानकारी दी ! बगीचा बनाने के लिए जितनी मालूमात जरूरी हैं किसी के समझ मे कुछ नही आया,टेक्निकल कुछ अड़चने आयी तो दूसरे दिन वापस मालूमात व जानकारी दी ! इतना ही नही उन्होंने उनकी Green your surroundings किताब भी E book के रूप मे तुरंत दी ! आजकल इतनी कम फीस में कोई भी वर्क शो यस जानकारी नही देते,ऊपर से पूरी किताब भी दिया ! ये बाते यही सिद्ध करती हैं कि माननीय रावत जी पूरा देश हरा-भरा करने के कितने उत्सुक है ! उनकी ये इतनी उम्र में भी उन्होंने बहुत बड़ा कार्य सकुशल किया हैं ! वह भी पूरे समन्यवय के साथ ! उनके इस कार्य के लिए में नतमस्तक हु ! धन्यवाद सर जी! "

अल्का बियानी
Participant of previous 5 Day Course

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